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Background Checks

We have been extremely successful in identifying criminal and civil issues pertinent to information needed to identify candidates for employment. We have been employed to investigate individuals that were hired without proper screening disclosing areas of endangerment to fellow employees and employer. We provide you with testimonials to verify our success. In today’s market place and economy it is foolish not to do a comprehensive background on employees that are not only in your organization but expose you to civil litigation under negligent hiring law suits.


Our services were utilized to identify a criminal who slipped through the cracks of law enforcement and governmental agencies that had employed this individual without proper screening which ended up successfully for the governmental agency who employed that particular individual. An individual can use false identifiers and aliases to throw off the background investigation that is why it is so important to do a thorough assessment of your candidate prior to employment. Each and every document that is provided to our agency for assisting us in our backgrounds is analyzed thoroughly to avoid these issues.

• Background investigations

• Background verification

• Pre-employment investigation

• Nanny investigation

• Previous employment

• Criminal records

• Bankruptcy filings

• Lawsuits


Investigative services we provide include:

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• Drug usage

• Sex offender records

• Property ownership

• Driving records

• Neighborhood inquiries

• Reference interviews

• Aliases and more


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