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Going to a Private Detective agency is not like shopping for retail products. Many agencies claim of their experience and knowledge but we are proven on our expertise through testimonials and referral cases. We provide our clients with advice after analyzing their case as to the best method to address their issues. After consulting confidentially with the owner Harry Brown on your case prior to making a decision on engaging our services, we are confident you will feel comfortable with our analysis of your situation and how to provide you with the most cost effect results.


We are a full service investigative agency with high profile case experience which include Cold Case Murders, Wrongful Death Cases, Domestic Violence, Stalking Investigation including Cyber and Harassment Cases, Fraud, Crimes against the Elder, Missing Persons, Back Ground and Pre Employment, Identity Theft, Surveillance, Personal Protection, Illegal Ease Dropping Investigation, Governmental/Municipal Defense Investigation and Workplace Violence Consultation for Corporations and Businesses on how to protect against workplace violence.


What makes our company different is that the owner and his staff have extensive law enforcement backgrounds and experience in both civil and criminal law through education and hands on experience.

About Us

When it comes to private detective agencies, experience equals results. Good detective skills cannot be learned overnight. With over 30 years of investigative experience, H. Brown Investigations, Ltd. is a proven Northern Illinois, Lake County, Cook County, McHenry County, and Chicago area private detective agency with contacts throughout the United States. Our experienced staff of private detectives and investigators consists of law enforcement personnel, protection professionals, skilled computer investigators, and in-house SIU unit staff. We provide our clients professional service with our staff of experienced practitioners. Please call for a free, confidential consultation.


Your case will always be handled in the most confidential fashion. All you need to do is call on H. Brown Investigations Ltd. at 847-838-1760 today to ask for your FREE private consultation.

ARIZONA : Personal protection with armed investigators is provided in Arizona only when we are employed, conducting the investigation for that client or clients.


ILLINOIS : Illinois we provide Bodyguard and Executive Protection without having to establish an investigation case for all lines of personal protection


Stop wondering and get the information you're longing for. 

The first step toward knowing is to call H. Brown Investigations Ltd. at 847-838-1760 today to set up your FREE confidential consultaion

We are experienced in all areas of legal investigation which cover all of the below itemized areas :


  • Video and still photography

  • Missing persons

  • Death investigations

  • Cold Case investigations

  • Special insurance Investigations

  • Skip tracing

  • Background Checks

  • Electronic debugging

  • Bodyguards

  • Armed Executive protection

  • Identity theft

  • Fraud investigations

  • Asset search

We generally work closely with Law enforcement agencies and governmental agencies and do not experience any lack of cooperation due to our company reputation along these lines. This is extremely important in working on domestic violence case, and other cases of criminal intent or endangerment as the police departments and governmental agencies need probable cause to conduct an investigation therefore a lot of cases that can be brought to law enforcement and governmental agency now can be addressed based on the evidence provided to them so that as now they have probable cause on issues that licensed detectives and investigators have provided.


Police departments are generally set up to respond to crimes committed and the services of a detective agency provide investigations into complaints that can be checked out prior to the crime being committed. We also provide investigation after the crime is committed even though the police were or are still involved.


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Over 30 years Investigative Experience in

Civil and Criminal Law

Licensed in Illinois and Arizona

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